Fritz Thaler jun. was founded in the 1910s. In Solingen and the Bergisches Land region, the Thaler company quickly made a name for itself as a quality manufacturer of brushes and paintbrushes. In the following years, the Thaler company developed special high-performance brushes for edge and surface finishing for the Solingen blade industry. This original craft is still mastered to this day.

Having arrived at the present time, we are the partner for technical brushes in all variations. Our long-standing customers include the majority of the automotive industry and its suppliers, the machine and electrical industries, the trades and commerce, medical technology and many other sectors.

The core competence of our team of over 50 employees is the development of innovative brushing solutions, tailored to individual machining tasks. We offer you pre-connected test series with application advice as well as design and manufacture of the brushing tools from a single source in our Solingen factory.

Currently in its fourth generation, the company continues to be run as a family business by Thomas and Torsten Thaler.