Wheel brushes

Wheel brushes can be used for many applications due to their versatility. We manufacture these with outside diameters of 20-500 mm. You receive the wheel brushes with the bore dimension you require, also with keyways or turtle bore.

Among other things, they are particularly suitable for deburring sharp edges on sawn tubes and cut sheets. Milled grooves or edges, e.g. on gear wheels or for cleaning weld seams, are also ideal areas of application. Wheel brushes are manufactured, among other things, as single disc brushes in a narrow design with a working width from approx. 10-15 mm. Brush rollers of up to 1,000 mm in length can be produced by stringing together individual rings.TASO provides a wide range of trim materials. For more information, please refer to the chapter on fill types in the website navigation. For example, for the machining of aluminum workpieces, the brushes can be manufactured with abrasive grain silicon carbide fillings for gentle and material-friendly machining. For heavy machining tasks, wheel brushes with knotted wire or a trim with plastic-bonded wires – especially for machining defined surfaces – are used. For edge machining on indexable inserts and on carbide tools, wheel brushes with diamond grain trim are used for light breaking of the cutting edges. This significantly increases the service life of the tools.

We supply all wheel brushes with matching bores for all drives.

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