Punched disc, lath and round brushes

For punched disc, lath and round brushes, the selected fill is punched or glued into the base body. The fill density can be freely selected between light/medium or dense.

The number and arrangement of the “fill bundles” can be individually adapted to the machining task. Disc brushes are used for machining surfaces, often in machining centers and throughfeed deburring systems.

Lath brushes are used to perform tasks such as transporting, cleaning, braking, guiding, stripping, and many more. The configuration of the lath brush can be very individual, just as with the disc brush. All fill materials, various base body materials and all holders for manual or machine use are available for disc and lath brushes.

Use the TASO request data sheet to configure the desired disc or lath brush, or call us.

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