Cup and bevel brushes

Cup brushes are used on hand-held angle grinders or in the industrial sector on grinding and machining centers. We manufacture the mounting of the brushes as bore or thread in the desired designs. An ideal field of application is the machining of large surfaces. Cup brushes in cylindrical shape are used for this purpose. Tapered brushes and cup brushes with angled fill are ideal for machining hard-to-reach areas.

The cup and bevel brushes are manufactured with a wide variety of fill materials for deburring, derusting, polishing, descaling, paint stripping and cleaning applications. Cup brushes with knotted wire are particularly suitable for heavy brushing tasks, e.g. for derusting, descaling or removing concrete residues from formwork elements.

Brushes manufactured with crimped mono wire are suitable for simple to moderately difficult tasks. The removal rate is lower compared to knotted wire, but the surfaces are processed more gently. A support ring stabilizes the fill on cup brushes and is removed when the wear limit is reached. The brushing tool then shows the same brushing characteristics again.

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