Strip and spiral brushes

Strip brushes are used in a wide range of applications. We find them in doors, gates, escalators, elevators, in mechanical engineering, in packaging, transport and sorting systems, and many more.

The fill material of the strip brush is pressed firmly into the metal frame with the aid of an insertion wire.

The trim material can be freely selected. For different applications, the back width and the material of the metal frame can vary between bright steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel. For mounting the strip brushes, we supply aluminum profiles into which the strip brushes are inserted. These are available in h- or F-shape.

Typical applications are sealing, transporting, guiding, stripping, applying, and many more.

The strip brush can be manufactured in stretched, but also in coiled form. In the coiled form, the fill material can be on the inside or optionally on the outside. Strip brushes with fill material coiled inwards are used for cleaning, sealing and guiding cylindrical workpieces.

Strip brushes with fill material coiled outwards are used for cleaning, deburring and surface finishing or for gentle transport of sensitive parts.

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