All TASO brushes are manufactured with a maximum number of wires or fibers. This gives the brushing tool a high fill density.

The result is an extremely long service life of the brush and, associated with this, a high level of economy, especially when considering the lowest cost per processed workpiece.

As a matter of principle, we process only the highest quality materials from selected, certified partners from the EU for the production of the brushes. Corresponding material certificates guarantee our high, impeccable quality.

Only brushes tested for concentricity leave the TASO production line. In the course of production, care is taken to ensure exact wire distribution. If this is not sufficient, the brushes are balanced statically or dynamically.

This guarantees exact concentricity of the brushes over the entire “service life”. It also protects the bearings of the drives and also ensures the longevity of the drive machines and low maintenance costs.

TASO provides a wide range of trim materials. See the chapter on trim types in the website navigation.

This means that you always get the optimum tool solution in terms of the desired machining result, maximum economy and fastest tool availability, tailored to your machining task.