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Possible shaft diameter: 3, 6, 8 or 10 mm for inclusion in mobile or stationary drives. Shank brushes are universally applicable. They are characterized by the processing of high-quality wires and thus a long service life as well as a high working safety due to the safety anchoring of the wires. The professionally manufactured shank brushes are produced with a high fill density as well as a perfect wire distribution, which guarantees an exact concentricity. Applications include derusting, paint stripping, structuring, cleaning, descaling, weld seam cleaning or the removal of underbody protection, and many more.

The shank brushes are manufactured with the appropriate fill types for a wide variety of processing tasks.

Corrugated mono and stranded wires: For light to medium machining tasks such as deburring and cleaning.

Knotted wires: For heavy-duty machining tasks, such as descaling, weld seam cleaning, or undercoating removal.

Plastic-bonded brushes: For processing defined surfaces or for stripping. Abrasive grain set – silicon carbide – for gentle machining of surface-sensitive materials made of e.g. aluminum or brass as well as for deburring on milled surfaces, gear or engine housings, gears, pinions or grooves.

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